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Counselling for parents, caregivers and families.

About Wendy

Hello, my name is Wendy Irrinki and I am a Licensed Counselling Therapist in New Brunswick, Canada. As well, I am a Registered Nurse with 22 years of experience. I presently work at Horizon Health in youth mental health services and my private practice is independent from my job at Horizon Health.

On Tuesday evenings, I offer counselling for adults & youth ages 16 and over. As well, I offer parenting support for parents & caregivers of older adolescents. Because I am trained in EMDR, my counselling practice is through a trauma informed lens. After our initial appointment, I will develop a care plan and use a combination of therapies to provide treatment.

I have been trained in the following modalities; EMDR, CBT, DBT, addictions therapy, mindfulness, play therapy, the ARC trauma model, SANE training, motivational interviewing, CISM and solution focused therapy.

If you are interested in an appointment, you may contact me at,  wendyirrinki@gmail.com .

About Wendy

Core values

With more than 22 years of take care of people, I have come to realize that counselling is a part of our wellness. Our path to recovery includes so much more than just talking with a professional. Though counselling is important, there are many areas of our lives that work together to create our health and wellness. This is unique for everyone and may include some of the following areas; meditation, connection to family and friends, a healthy work environment, volunteering, exercise, time in nature, being organized, creativity and so on. For me, the name Emerald Path Wellness reflects my vision of wellness more so than my previous business name, "Wendy Irrinki Counselling".

At Emerald Path Wellness, there are three core values that I bring to my counselling practice. To start, people are inherently strong and resilient, much like an emerald stone. Second, we are all on a life journey and I hope to guide clients towards the right path for them. Third, I focus on overall health and wellness by encouraging clients to take care of all areas of their lives. This may include physical, mental and spiritual domains. 
Core values

online/video delivery of Counselling

Presently, I offer online/video counselling using the Jane platform. Because I am an EMDR trained therapist, I use the following guidelines as outlined by EMDRIA, the EMDR International Association.

For more information, please go to the following link.

Virtual Guidelines Poster

What you need for online/video counselling

You will need the following to participate in online/video counselling.

1. The desire to do online/video counselling.

2. A device; such as a laptop, cell phone or a desk top computer.

3. A PRIVATE place to be while engaging in counselling. You will want to ensure you are in a comfortable place where no one else can hear or see you. You may want to have a glass of water, a warm drink and/or a blanket available as well.
What you need for online/video counselling


Fees are $150 per 55 minutes for an online/video appointment.

Clients are required to pay and then submit to their insurance companies, unfortunately Wendy is unable to direct bill at this time.

Most insurance companies cover the services of Licensed Counselling Therapists, however it is advised to check with your insurance company before booking an appointment.

Payment is required within 48 hours of having a counselling appointment.

Wendys private practice is full. Please check this website in October for availability.


  • Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Please feel free to send an email and Wendy will get back to you within 24 hours. If there is ever an emergency, contact emergency services in your area. In the Fredericton area, contact the Mobile Crisis Unit at 453-2132 or The CHIMO Helpline at 1-800-667-5005.